2Flyy Events gives Indie Artist & Independent Labels exposure and access to the mainstream Industry. By using formulas specifically customized to your genre of music , you can perform in front of your target audiences.  This builds your fan base and continues to grow your buzz. We will provide you the platform - All you have to do is "ROCK"


Showcases & Opening up for Major Artist

How dose your portfolio look? How many Major Artist can you say you've open up for? Now is the time to grow your resume. You may  have a new song or on old one, 2Flyy Events can make sure everyone know's it. This is the event for you.


Summits & Networking Events 

Now that you have your CD's pressed up and you've mastered your performance, you need to Network with other Industry Professionals that can take your music  career to the next level. Don't Get stuck in the studio. 2Flyy Events can make sure everyone knows your Brand. This event is for you.

Concerts & Awards Shows


You've branded your self, your music can be found every where, Now it's time to get the recognition & appreciation deserved. Make sure you can look back at what accomplishments you've made in your music career.  All of our events are for you!

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​

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All events will be subjedted to a $50 cancelation fee