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Rayvon wills is an up and coming musician from southeast Washington DC. Attending five high schools he chose his destination for Graduation at Largo High school in Landover Maryland. He was born on December 30 and lived with his mother for a majority of his life. He was 2yrs old when he began singing and fell in love with the art. Throughout his school years he participated in talent shows, plays, and any other opportunities he had to express his talent to the world.

Along with singing, Wills has a gift for beatboxing. He has always enjoyed beatboxing as he never got the chance to learn a manmade instrument so he began creating a symphony with his body. He believes that his music should be touching and emotional. When making writing new songs, Rayvon must first have a peaceful studio where he can find meaningful lyrics from within based off of his life experiences that will connect him to his audience.

Believing that the biggest challenge coming with being an artist is the ability to stay true to his family, fans, and himself. He believes in free will and heavily practices it by accepting all people for who they are as a person. He is an active community member, taking time out of his day to feed and donate goods to the less fortunate.

He has always had a love for music and found his opportunity to progress in signing contract with 2Flyy Records. Here he was introduced to many different artist that all share one goal, and that’s to provide feeling to anyone who listens to their music. He is featured on one of 2flyys records, with two of his most touching songs, “Bed” and “Written”. Making music it’s truly his favorite hobby and his goals are to give real R&B to the people, music that will touch you when you’re down and bring you back up.

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